01 Jan 1970 |

Spread Love Around

Feeling overwhelmed with sadness and anger from the state of the world we live in, Amanda was inspired to write ‘Spread Love Around’ – a call to action, and a message that encourages kindness, equality, acceptance, compassion, love and generosity.

“The prevalence of hate, greed, intolerance, judgment and violence is overwhelming and incomprehensible. It’s easy to get discouraged and feel like you are powerless in bringing about change. I started to feel that way… that the world and its problems were so big, how could I – one teeny tiny person in this infinite universe – make any sort of difference? Why bother trying?
But, if I don’t do my part, how can I expect anyone else to? And if no one does, then where will we all be?

I’ve come to believe that no matter how small an effort, it all makes a difference. What we choose to do and say, how we treat others, ourselves, animals, the environment – it’s everything. Spread LOVE – in everything you do, all day, every day.” – AB

‘Spread Love Around’ is available on CD, and for download on iTunes and other digital music retailers. Posters and t-shirts are also available for purchase online, which feature the bold and colorful ‘Spread Love Around’ logo.

All profits from the sale of the single and all associated merchandise will be donated to the non-profit organization Fibuspam, Inc. who brings free healthcare and humanitarian support to children and adults of indigenous communities in Ecuador. Visit for more information about their mission and impact.

“After writing the tune, a vision quickly formed of how I could take this song and run with it. A music video, t-shirts, posters… I just wanted to get the message out there. Beyond that, I decided it was a great opportunity to spread some love around myself by choosing to donate the profits from sales to a non-profit organization. Immediately I thought of Fibuspam, Inc. My father-in-law is the founder of this wonderful organization, and I have heard many stories from his trips down there and find the work they are doing incredibly inspiring.”

Calling on her friends and community in Nashville, Amanda was joined by 14 musicians who donated their time and talent to record the track, which was released on July 21, 2015. With the footage captured entirely on cell phones, a music video shortly followed, featuring clips of the recording sessions, Fibuspam volunteers at work, and submissions from others spreading love around. Over 100 people participated in the video.



We can all have what we need
If we can let go of our greed
There’s enough to go ’round
That no one should go without
Didn’t anybody tell ya?
Each and every one of us matters

Don’t ya have enough?
Can ya give a little up?

I said you gotta, spread love around

It’s true what they say
A little goes a long, long way
Whatcha do and whatcha say, well
Don’t ya see it’s everything
Didn’t anybody tell ya?
You can make a change

When you gonna stand up?
When you gonna shout out?

I said you gotta, spread love around

Who are we to try to say
How another spends their days
Just don’t hurt no one
And there’s no right or wrong way
Didn’t anybody tell ya?
We are all the same

Don’t have to agree
For love to be

I said you gotta, spread love around


Project Credits:

“Spread Love Around”
Written by Amanda Broadway
Recorded & Mixed by Mikie Martel at The Sanctuary, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Frank Reynolds

Artwork by Anna Haas

Video edited by Neal Dahlgren

Drums – James Bonomo
Percussion – Andy Wilmoth
Bass – Mikie Martel
Rhodes/Clav – Kent Toalson
Guitar – Shane Lamb
Guitar – Sam Farkas
Tenor Sax – Jody Douglas
Trumpet – Ben Clark
Flugel Horn – Mikie Martel
Choir Vocals – Maureen Murphy, Alicia Michilli, Trista Mabry, Amanda Broadway, Yvonne Smith, Amber Woodhouse, Lane Abernathy, Mikie Martel
Vocals – Amanda Broadway